Regular Health Checks

Regular Health Checks

Importance of Regular Health Checks

While many of us visit our dentist for regular six or 12 month check ups, how many of us have regular health checks with our GP?

Just like dental checks, medical check ups can pick up early warning signs of disease or illness.  Right from infancy we start having tests to ensure that we are developing properly.  As we get older many of us can become more vulnerable to illness making regular testing even more important.

A health check would typically involve a review of you and your families’ medical history, a review of your blood pressure, smoking status, diet, how much exercise you do and your weight.  If you have high-risk factors such as cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes or some cancers your doctor is likely to suggest appropriate testing and possible referral if required.

Your age and gender will also determine the type of check up you require.  It is important that children’s immunisations are kept up to-date.  Women should have regular PAP tests and breast screens, while men should consider prostate cancer screening.    Depending on your life-stage and lifestyle other important areas include eye health, skin cancer checks, mental health, STI screening, cholesterol and glucose levels, bone density scans and testing for chronic diseases.


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