COVID-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Standby for the Covid-19 vaccination roll out


Available at Ramsay Street from 1st week of April

As the world starts to turn the corner, the vaccination programs are playing a vital part.

The role out will be a highly coordinated delivery of the Pfizer and the AstraZeneca vaccines – both endorsed by Australia’s highly respected TGA.

As part of Phase 1b, General Practices will be supplied with the AstraZeneca vaccine. All doctors and staff will be fully trained in its careful handling and administration.

Booking your vaccine

As supplies in Australia and worldwide are limited, we will administer the vaccines on a needs basis, with a view to protecting the most vulnerable members of our community first.

Once the vaccines are more freely available then everyone will be invited to attend for immunization.

Please register your interest by emailing us and we will place your name on our COVID vaccine list.

Summary of worldwide vaccines:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech – This is part of Australia’s Phase1 program. It is an mRNA vaccine requiring subzero storage temperatures. It is 95% effective against Covid-19 symptoms and requires 2 doses 21 days apart (52% effective after 1 dose). Side effects include sore arm (68%), fatigue (29%), headache (26%), muscle pain (17%) and fever/chills (7%)
  • AstraZeneca-Oxford – This will be the vaccines administered by general practices. It is an adenovirus DNA vaccine which will be produced by Australia’s CSL laboratories. It is 82% effective and requires 2 doses 4 to 12 weeks apart (76% effective after 1 dose). Side effects include sore arm (64%),  fatigue (53%), headache (53%), muscle aches (44%), fever/chills (32%), and joint pains (26%).

Other vaccines not in use in Australia include:

  • Novavax – This spike protein vaccine is 89% effective, administered in 2 doses 21
  • Moderna – This mRNA vaccine is primarily being used in the US. It is similar to the Pfizer vaccine and needs ultra-freezing, has 2 doses and is 94% effective
  • Johnson & Johnson – This adenovirus DNA vaccine only requires 1 dose and is up to 75% effective (drops to 57% against mutant variants)
  • Sputnik – The Russian adenovirus DNA vaccine requires 2 doses and is 92% effective

Covid-19 – keeping up the effort

As one of the countries who have successfully managed this pandemic, it is still important to maintain the excellent protocols that have led to our very low transmission rate.

Nonetheless, it remains important to be alert to any possible symptoms, especially during the upcoming winter months.

Stay vigilant and be tested should you experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms

  • Fever (80%)
  • Cough (69%)
  • Fatigue (38%)
  • Mucous (34%)
  • Loss of smell (30%)
  • Shortness of breath (19%)
  • Body aches (15%)
  • Headache (14%)
  • Sore throat (14%)
  • Gastro-intestinal symptoms  (5%)

Note that up to 66% of cases may have no symptoms at all and those who do develop symptoms often spread the virus before any symptoms develop.

Our testing station

We continue to offer COVID 19 testing in our carpark, adjacent to the centre.  Simply call the centre on leaving home to confirm availability.

Alternatively, you should present to a COVID respiratory clinic in your area.

Be positive, stay proactive

  • Enjoy time outdoors and take regular exercise
  • Take vitamin D supplements – there is good evidence that this is protective
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • If you have diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, ensure they are well controlled – chat with your GP or specialist to minimize your risk
  • Check in on elderly or isolated friends

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