Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight Management Programs

The doctors, allied health professionals and nursing staff at Ramsay Street Medical Centre work together in creating personalised, comprehensive and effective weight management plans for our patients.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of health professionals, tailor treatment methods that are right for the patient, depending on levels of obesity, overall health and willingness to participate. While reaching and maintaining your goal weight can be challenging, Ramsay Street Medical Centre can provide patients of varying age and background with a range of both medicinal and non-medically assisted care plans to help you become your best, healthy self.

Looking to get rid of stubborn fat deposits on your upper arms, chin and neck? While many try to reduce localised areas of fat through diet and exercise, sometimes the results are just not good enough.

When this is the case, Ramsay Street Medical Centre in conjunction with our partners at Dermagen, offer lipolysis as a non-surgical, pain-free solution. Lipolysis involves micro-injections, which inject a lipoprotein- 50% stronger, and less toxic than other injectable solutions on the market- into the fat layer beneath the skin. The active ingredient then acts to dissolve the smaller, stubborn areas of fatty tissue of concern. In conjunction with healthy eating and exercising habits, lipolysis can help you achieve an overall more toned, slim physical appearance.

While best suited to smaller deposits of fat, good results can also be achieved by smoothing and reducing the prominence of cellulite on the thighs, waist and tummy. While lipolysis is a minimally painful treatment, we can use a local anaesthetic cream upon request. Some patients may experience initial redness, bruising and swelling after a lipolysis injection however, these side effects usually subside with the 24hours post treatment.

Let’s talk results. The number of treatments required vary depending on the area of treatment however, as a general rule people begin to notice a difference after as little as three treatments. The permanency of the results will depend largely on a patient’s lifestyle. An increase in body fat is usually caused by hypertrophy (the expansion of fat cells), while lipolysis works by destroying those remaining cells. As long as those cells are not expanding, due to a regular healthy diet and exercise regime, lipolysis results are permanent. Within our client base 85%, were fully satisfied with their treatment.

Double Chin? Lipolysis injections are very effective for treating excess fat on the chin and neck as it accurately targets the problem area as well as helps to retract skin on the jowl.

Stubborn Upper Arm Fat? Despite efforts at the gym, fat cells within this problem area are often stubborn due to hormone dominance and genetics. Lipolysis injections can reduce the fatty deposits on the upper arms that are often resistant to exercise.


Getting to your goal weight can be incredibly challenging. Perhaps you’ve already achieved your weight loss goal, only to find yourself right back where you started. It can be a disheartening journey for those struggling with weight however, Ramsay Street Medical Centre can help you end that cycle.

The benefits of weight loss are vast and include lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and mobility and decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Ramsay Street Medical Centre’s health care providers offer an array of diagnostic exams and tests that can be used to distinguish varying categories of obesity. Our resident nurse can conduct BMI calculations, health history reviews, general physical exams, waist measurements and blood tests to establish an accurate foundation, informing the best weight-loss plan moving forward. Together the patient and doctor decide upon an achievable weight loss goal and a comfortable method of pursing that goal, taking into account any developed conditions or risks that may need to be monitored.

We offer a range of both medicinal and non-medically assisted care plans offering solutions to our patients who struggle to maintain a healthy weight. The treatment methods that are right for you depend on your level of obesity and your overall health and willingness to participate in your weight-loss plan.

Our non-medicinal treatments include:

  • Dietary Changes: Work with our Dietician to create a calorie-deficit plan that still provides you with enough nutrition and freedom to live and energised and social life.
  • Exercise Routine: Visit our Exercise Physiologist to implement a regular exercise regime into your daily routine. Take advantage of the discounted group classes, within our newly refurbished Allied Health Clinic, offering a relaxed and social solution.
  • Behaviour Change: An examination of your current lifestyle can reveal factors- such as stress or lack of time- that may be contributing to your obesity.

Additionally Ramsay Street offer medically assisted treatments including the prescription of weight-loss medication. While losing weight requires a consistent healthy diet and regular exercise, we understand certain severe situations may require prescription weight-loss medication. These medications should be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime- not instead of them. Our doctors at Ramsay Street possess a lengthy knowledge of both injectable and oral medications, allowing them to elect options best suited to a patient’s unique condition.

Feel safe and supported in your weight-loss journey with Ramsay Street doctors.